About Us

“The re-chartered Eta Kappa Alumni Chapter shall have two basic missions. . . . One mission shall be to perform business and social functions as is common to most alumni chapters including developing programs to assist the Active Chapter, the Alumni Advisory Board and the house corporation, Montezuma Mesa Properties. . . . The second mission shall be to incorporate brothers into active Alumni Chapter membership even though they do not live in the San Diego area. The Alumni Chapter shall use reasonable efforts to take advantage of new technologies and state of the art methods of communication to allow brothers to participate as active Alumni Chapter members wherever they may live in the United States or a foreign land. This includes developing means by which brothers can be integrated as active members, and possibly even officers, without the necessity of being physically present at a specific location for meetings.

“The Alumni Chapter may develop programs of various sorts for its membership such as social events, educational events, joint activities with the Active Chapter and so forth. As it deems appropriate, it may develop support plans to assist the Alumni Advisory Board, the Board and Officers of Montezuma Mesa Properties, the Active Chapter and the National Fraternity whether in the terms of added manpower, ideas, or other various resources. Similarly the Alumni Chapter shall have discretion to work with the Active Chapter and the Alumni Advisory Board in encouraging good relations with the university, other campus organizations, assisting in rush and/or making rushee recommendations, encouraging and assisting in developing parental interest and support for the Active Chapter, and reaffirming the fundamental principles and beliefs of Sigma Nu Fraternity.”

The intention is to allow every interested alumni brother, wherever he may be, to participate in the Alumni Chapter including voting and, possibly, even holding office.”

- Jeffrey Giarde HK 1, February 16, 2012